Holistic medicine

It has been said that your pet has a "little doctor" inside.

It is a comfort to know that they have the ability to
actually heal themselves.

I'm Dr. Michelle Morrison, DVM. My mission is to balance out your pet's problem (obvious or underlying) with whatever diagnostic method/ treatment
plan is indicated to heal in the fastest and most economical way.

It is important to listen to a long history and observe the symptoms of your pet and know which modality is the
best to use...


Horse and flower

How can I help?

Explore my site, and you will find the various services I offer to help animals have a better quality of life. You'll learn about...

I even make "house calls" and can be there for you to help with one of the most difficult decisions you may have to make in the case of extreme illness (euthanasia).

If you have any questions, please let me know. I'm here for you and your beloved pet, and I look forward to serving you.


Tablets and Ointments

Homeopathic relief
from pain.

TRAUMEELĀ® is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic combination formulation of 12 botanical and 2 mineral substances.

Officially classified as a homeopathic combination remedy, Traumeel is indicated for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with inflammatory, exudative, and degenerative processes due to...

  • Acute trauma
  • Repetitive injuries

I offer Traumeel in both tablet and ointment form, as well as a new product-Zeel.

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